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Our Team

Here at Virginia Spine Institute

For 30 years, Virginia Spine Institute has dramatically improved the lives of over 100,000 people. As an internationally recognized concierge practice, we are pioneers in spinal health care demonstrating the latest advances in non–surgical procedures, surgical care, regenerative medicine, neurology, osteopathic medicine, and physical therapy. Our unique practice model provides patients with seamlessly coordinated care, under one roof, provided by the nation’s top specialists. This results in patients getting back to their lives quickly and safely.

Meet Our Physicians

This world-renowned team of specialists seamlessly provides elevated spine care to improve the lives of those suffering from neck and back conditions. Our patients have returned to their lives faster through customized treatment plans that include technologically advanced surgeries, minimally invasive procedures, and the latest alternatives to surgery including, regenerative medicine. The physicians at Virginia Spine Institute are international leaders and have dedicated their careers to improving patients’ lives and educating their peers.

Meet Our Physician Assistants

Our Physician Assistants (PA) are an integral part of the medical team at Virginia Spine Institute. In fact, our PA team made national headlines by being the first in the world to independently use augmented reality in surgery. They work closely with our physicians to accurately pinpoint the root issue of pain and symptoms, explain the patient’s diagnosis, and then create a customized treatment plan. Our PAs spend quality time with our patients getting to know their goals for recovery and answering any questions they may have. These compassionate and dedicated professionals are nationally certified and state-licensed medical practitioners.


Meet Our Physical Therapists

Our team of spine-specialized physical therapists at VTFC was voted “Best of Virginia – Physical Therapy Practice” in consecutive years. In addition to providing the best non-operative treatment options for patients suffering from neck and back conditions, they also have the most modern and effective surgical rehabilitation programs in the region. Through a combination of hands-on manual therapy, aquatic therapy, laser therapy, trigger point dry needling, blood flow restriction therapy (BFR), and therapeutic exercise they creatively combine modalities to get our patients back to living an active life without restriction from their spinal condition. They are conveniently located on the first floor of our spine center which provides convenience for our patients and seamless communication with our spine team.